The OG Drawing with Mindfulness course. This is an eight part introduction to the foundations of observational drawing. Through a study of historical and contemporary artworks, and a combination of online and offline exercises, this course covers the elements of line, form, tone, texture, and composition. The course includes an introduction to the principles of drawing with mindfulness, a tutorial on drawing tools and mediums, and a class on working with mistakes. This is also a revitalising refresher for practicing artists.

26th JAN - 15th MARCH 2023


R1600 / $90

Image: Giorgio Morandi, Still Life with Five Objects, 1956


An eight part kaleidoscopic, myth-busting, whistle-stop tour through colour theory, and the history and psychology of colour. This course has been extended with an extra four classes that are focused on practical exploration, including an overview of the different coloured drawing mediums. Some drawing experience is preferable.



R1600 / $90

Image: Moses Harris, The Natural System of Colours, c1770


This new course explores how drawing has been used through the ages to visualise the unknown, the invisible, and the mythic. Here be monsters! We'll work with observational, as well as imaginative exercises in this course. A great way to summon the muses.

JULY/AUG (TBC) Wednesdays 6pm (SAST)

Image: From the History of Wizards and Witches, 1720


This set of classes takes a look at the representation of food in art history, as well as cookbook illustration through the centuries. Great for anyone who loves food: from the egg to the egg-whisk, this course explores the tactile, sensual resonances between preparing or enjoying food – and drawing it.

Includes bonus recipes from famous artists!

APRIL (TBC) Wednesdays 6pm (SAST)

Image: Eliot Hodgkins, Five Oyster Shells, 1961


This course looks at all the different ways throughout history and across cultures that we've used drawing or the image to entertain ourselves - from paper toys to travelling theatre to modern art. We'll explore what the purpose of play is in our drawing – and in the rest of life! This is a wonderful buoyant course to end the year with, and our focus will be on practical techniques to invite play back into all your creative endeavours. Get your poster paints and your potato stamps ready!

SEPT/NOV (TBC) Wednesdays 6pm (SAST)

Image: Toy Theatre c 1890’s



This class gives some background to the Drawing with Mindfulness philosophy and is also an introduction to some simple drawing exercises. If you're unsure about signing up for a course or a drop-in class, you're welcome to attend this one to find out more and get a feel for the classes.

Image: Albrecht Durer’s Pillow Studies 1493


Wednesdays/Thursdays 6pm SAST

Drop in for just one session.

To be notified about classes follow Drawing with Mindfulness on Instagram or request to be added to the weekly newsletter.

R 200 per session

Image: Francisco Goya, Young Witch Flying on a Rope, 1828

I have always been embarrassed by the squiggles that come out of my fingers and I am now drawing with great joy. It is a very thoughtful exploration of drawing as a medium and a catalyst for making marks that express something.Brenda

“Loving the classes and drawing again. It’s reigniting the fun in my practice, and reminding me why I love making.” Ruby

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